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Notes from a Small Functional Island

Notes from a Small Functional Island

Welcome to my new blog and content site for all things related to pure functional programming in C# (and probably some other languages too). I will obviously be focusing mostly on tutorials, guides, and general commentary about my language-ext project; but I will also take a look at the philosophy of software engineering to try and get a deeper understanding of why pure functional programming is so effective.

Things will be up and running here shortly, but you can subscribe in the meantime if you'd like to stay up to date and receive emails when new content is published! The site is hosted by me, so you're not giving away your personal details to some megacorp.

However, I'm sure you appreciate that creating content here as well as the rather sizeable efforts I put into building language-ext takes up a substantial amount of my time. So, if you like what you see here or you're generally finding language-ext to be something worth rewarding, I would definitely appreciate a subscription. That is optional though, so don't feel like you have to!

If you're wondering about the name 'Notes from a Small Functional Island', it's a play on the excellent, and hilarious, Bill Bryson book: 'Notes from a Small Island' about his journey around the UK before he moved back home to America. As I am from the UK, it seems like a fitting title!
Bill Bryson - Notes from a Small Island.